Dental Implants

Rejuvenate your Smile with Dental Implants in Edmonton

Drs. Goswami, Khan, and Atashband offer multiple esthetic dental services to our patients. One of these procedures, dental implants, is beneficial to both your smile’s appearance and its health. Ellerslie Dental Studio provides dental implants in Ellerslie, Rutherford, Allard, and the surrounding neighbourhoods of Edmonton.   All services are provided by general dentists.

Why Receive Dental Implants?

Patients who are curious about dental implants often wonder why this procedure would be recommended with dentures or other traditional restorations. Although considered an esthetic dental service, dental implants are also a very effective method of restoring lost teeth. The reason for its effectiveness lies in its implant post.

Traditional restorations add new teeth over the top of the smile, relying on other structures within the mouth for support. Dental implant posts, however, serve as artificial teeth roots; they provide a level of support that best matches real teeth. Whereas partial dentures and bridges tend to alter the teeth they use for support, dental implants provide support that does not affect the rest of the smile.

Dental Implant Placement

Our general dental practice in Edmonton is able to place the dental implant posts. These titanium rods fuse into the jaw bone, creating an inseparable support system for the visible tooth of the implant. This healing and integration process takes a few months, after which we can add the dental implant restoration.

Dental Implant Restoration

The restoration added to the dental implant post or posts serves as the visible replacement tooth or teeth. They are what people see when you smile, and they are responsible for helping you chew your food and speak properly. Ellerslie Dental Studio provides these restorations as the last step in receiving your new teeth.

Dental implant restorations come in various forms: a crown for a single missing tooth, fixed bridges for multiple teeth, and a complete denture for an entire arch of the smile. Additionally, and with the help of a trusted local denturist, we offer new teeth in a day for patients with existing complete dentures. While we add four implant posts to the smile, your denture is reworked to permanently affix to the smile. The dentures are added to the posts once the placement surgery is complete, giving you a beautiful smile in one visit.

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Ellerslie Dental Studio provides dental implants in Edmonton, serving many of the neighbourhoods near Ellerslie including Macewan and Allard. To learn more about the esthetic dental services we offer, please call us at our Edmonton dental practice to schedule your next dental appointment!  All services are provided by general dentists.