IV Sedation

Treating Dental Anxiety - IV Sedation Treatments in Edmonton

Doctors Ashim Goswami, Shahzad Atashband, and Sofia Khan strive to provide effective dental treatment to their patients at all times. Our general dentists take trainings and courses that allow us to provide a broader range of services in order to maintain that level of care. Ellerslie Dental Studio offers IV sedation in Ellerslie, Rutherford, Allard, and the surrounding neighborhoods of Edmonton.  All services are provided by general dentists.

IV Sedation

Dr. Goswami is fully certified in utilizing dual drug intravenous sedation to assist in conducting our procedures, allowing us to provide the service outside of a hospital environment. He can use this sedation during particularly thorough procedures, such as wisdom teeth removal.

IV sedation is known for putting patients into a state of relaxation. While causing a sleepy sensation, this form of sedation does not make patients fall unconscious. It does, however, leave you feeling groggy and comfortable enough that you will likely not be bothered with the treatments you receive. Many patient also tend to forget their appointment as a side effect of the sedation, so patients with a particularly strong dental anxiety or phobia may benefit from IV sedation.

Because of the heavy groggy sensation you experience under IV sedation, you will need someone who can transport you to and from our practice.

What if Sedation Is Not Right for Me?

Not every patient or procedure warrants the use of intravenous sedation. This is especially true of dental procedures we provide for children. We offer alternative options to help you or your child relax when sedation is not for you.

In situations where a patient needs help relaxing in a dental environment and IV sedation is not an option, Ellerslie Dental Studio can instead provide nitrous oxide. Also known as laughing gas, nitrous is an inhalant known for creating a sense of euphoria. This sensation allows most patients to feel much more comfortable during their appointment to allow them to receive a more successful level of care. It is safe for patients of any age because the human body processes laughing gas quickly, so adverse side effects and overexposure are very rare. In fact, you can drive yourself to and from an appointment after using nitrous oxide.

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Ellerslie Dental Studio helps patients in Ellerslie and beyond receive the care they need through IV sedation. If you are ready to schedule an appointment or are interested in the other ways to help improve the health of your smile, please contact Ellerslie Dental Studio at our Edmonton dental practice today!  All services are provided by general dentists.