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3Shape Trios

Digital Intraoral scanner/impression system.  No more messy impressions, increased accuracy of impressions to help reduce error in fit of appliances and crowns, digital tracking of how teeth move and wear over time to show patients how their mouths are changing over the long term, digital smile design to plan dental work and share with patients prior to beginning dental treatments to ensure patient satisfaction.

Gendex Intraoral Camera 

Allows us to capture pictures while working inside of the teeth to easily show patients what we are seeing as we work to help better explain the nature and extent of their dental conditions.

Digital X-rays/ Digital Charting

Makes it easier to communicate with patients and show visual progress of their treatment outcomes.

Computer Assisted Anesthesia Wand

Takes the fear away from getting a needle for anxious patients.  Results in greater patient comfort and more accurate delivery of dental anesthetic.

TScan Digital Bite Analysis System

Allows us to accurately assess how teeth fit together to help balance painful bites and ensure our dental work fits comfortably for our patients and holds up better over the long term.

Soft Tissue Lasers

Used for gum reshaping, gum disinfection, tongue tie release.

All services are provided by general dentists


We combine experience with the latest in dental technology to deliver the best patient experience possible.