The Bioclear Method and Cosmetic Dental Services at Ellerslie Dental

Does your smile have an imperfection? A gap, a chip, some discoloring that you always hide when your picture’s taken? It doesn’t have to. If you’re interested in a smile makeover, Bioclear may be just what you’ve been looking for. The Bioclear method, offered by Ellerslie Dental Studio, can improve the shape, size and fit of your teeth. It can give you the kind of beautiful, natural-looking, smile you’ll always be proud to show off. Bioclear is a cost effective, minimally invasive, alternative to crowns and porcelain veneers. It’s an ideal treatment option for perfecting smiles suffering from black triangles, the vertical gaps between teeth clinically known as diastemas, uneven teeth, a broken or chipped tooth, decaying or worn-down teeth, or uneven tooth color.

By utilizing the Bioclear Method, developed by Dr. Clark, our Edmonton cosmetic dentists, can repair a tooth or design a smile by encapsulating a patient’s teeth in dental composite with little or no drilling. The tooth-colored composite material can then be injection molded around a decaying, worn or damaged tooth in patented ultra-thin clear shapes (The Bioclear Matrix) that slide easily between the teeth and between the tooth and gums. That means Bioclear doesn’t require Dr. Goswami to grind away some or most of your tooth the way getting porcelain crowns or veneers would have.
What can we do for your smile? 

  • Diastema Closure to close gaps between the two front teeth
  • Peg Lateral Restoration
  • Treating the Gaps Between Teeth referred to as Black Triangles

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