BOTOX Treatments in Edmonton: Aesthetic & Dental Benefits

Dr. Ashim Goswami offers several services that are focused on changing the appearance of our patients. Ellerslie Dental Studio provides BOTOX® treatments in Rutherford, Ellerslie, Allard, and the surrounding Edmonton neighbourhoods. Call us today for BOTOX treatment and other esthetic services.

Reduce Signs of Aging

The most recognizable benefit of BOTOX is that it reduces the appearance of wrinkles near the eyes and brow. Relaxing the muscle to make crow’s feet and frown lines disappear creates a more youthful appearance in our patients.

Our Edmonton dentists have the training necessary to help you improve facial esthetics through BOTOX. This treatment, in addition to the esthetic-based dental services we offer, helps you develop your preferred image. We enjoy assisting patients in looking the way they want, and BOTOX is one of the ways we help patients accomplish that goal.

Treating Oral Discomfort

While known for cosmetic reasons, BOTOX also has a practical effect in dental care. This muscle relaxant helps treat jaw pain, jaw clenching, and teeth grinding.

Each of these oral health concerns are caused by the facial muscles tightening and relaxing in ways they should normally not. Clenching and teeth grinding can be a source of jaw pain by themselves, and all three can be a side effect of conditions like temporomandibular joint disorder. Jaw pain is important to treat in order to allow you to live a comfortable daily life. Jaw clenching and teeth grinding require treatment because the pressure these disorders apply to the teeth can wear down your smile.

As a muscle relaxant, BOTOX is able to treat clenching, grinding, and jaw pain by paralyzing the muscles which cause these conditions. Once those muscles relax, the pressure applied to the mouth and discomfort caused by the jaw cease for as long as the effects of treatment last. BOTOX helps you manage these oral health concerns until they can be thoroughly treated.

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Ellerslie Dental Studio helps patients in Edmonton develop their preferred image through BOTOX treatments. This cosmetic service and the esthetic dental services we provide are able to help patients look and feel their best. For more information about these and other services we provide, contact us at our Edmonton dental practice today to schedule your next dental appointment.   All services are provided by general dentists.